Here is the rough recollection of my essay that i wrote in 2016 Mains. The actual exam performance might have varied but overall the draft remained on similar lines.


Report from Amnesty International states that wealth of 62 richest individuals equals wealth of 3.2 billion of population. Quite similar revelations have been made by WEALTH X International on rising in equality in societal discourse.

But what is this inequality? Is it the result of greed? How have we come across a situation where our needs have transformed into excessive greediness? Is the impact on breed really that significant? This essay represents an attempt to explore the multidimensional aspects associated with need and transformation of the same into associated greed.

To begin with, Need represents requirement, necessity and manifests individual aspiration. It represents an urge to fulfill certain deficiency arising out of day to day requirements. Even notable thinker, ABRAHAM MASLOW regards needs into 5 types like PHYSIOLOGICAL, SECURITY, SOCIAL, SELF ESTEEM AND SELF ACTUALIZATION. Thus in a comprehensive fashion, NEED can aptly be described as foundation stone of human civilization.

Further moving ahead, GREED should not be viewed in negative perception. Greed simply signifies the individual motivation to progress, to improve and to work upon the existing issues. It is only when the greed exceeds beyond a threshold that spoiling of breed begins. Such breakdown of equilibrium results in undermining of existing governance, societal and human values at large. It gives rise to vested interest.

Subsequent paragraphs will be attempt to decipher the stated deductions in a multidimensional paradigm. Beginning with HISTORICAL aspect, the emergence of VEDIC age and associated demarcations into BRAHMIN, KSHTRIYA, VAISHYA, and SHUDRA was the result of need to divide the work in societal discourse. However it was the extreme greediness of BRAHMINS to upsurpe the power which resulted in entrenchment of exploitative tendencies.

Similarly, rise of MUSSOLINI in ITALY, HITLER in Germany, slave trade in America and exploitation of African nationals during 18th century very aptly reflects the notion of excessive greediness destroying the breed. Even, the GLORIOUS REVOLUTION OF Britain reflects how rise of absolute monarchy created upheaval in society. It disturbed the balance; it broke the equilibrium resulting into distracting the breed. The role and initiatives of East India Company in India, the DRAIN OF WEALTH THEORY, very emphatically elaborates that Need bring greed; if greed increases it spoils the breed.

Even from POLITICAL perspective, ADR revelations on criminalization of politics reveal that the percentage of criminals in electoral arena has been on increase (2003: 23%, 2009: 30%, 2014: 34%). The need to secure stability arose in 1969, the year which YOGENDRA YADAV regards as 1st Democratic upsurge. However, the urge to maintain congress dominance got slowly converted into extreme greediness which has today broken the foundation of entire electoral system.

Similarly issues like SATYAM, SAHARA, SHARDHA, OCCUPY WALLSTREET MOVEMENT etc. emphatically present the negative repercussions of extreme greed destroying the breed. Crony capitalism has today acquired institutional shape only because of such transformation. Hence, Need brings greed but when greed exceeds, it destroys the breed.

From societal perspective, there is emerging a rising tide of fragmenting the knowledge. Focus on secluded traditional learning has created multiple issues. The murder of NARENDRA DHABOLKAR, MM KALBURGI, the withdrawal of PERUMAL MURUGAN book etc. expresses the same. Here greed is not about materialistic pleasure but the aspect of cultural homogeneity. RABINDRANATH TAGORE very enthusiastically stated that,

“Whatever we understand and enjoy in human products instantly become ours, wherever they might have origin. I am proud of my humanity when I can acknowledge the poets and artist of other countries as my own. It makes me feel great that all the great glories of man are mine”

Hence, need brings greed but if greed exceeds it destroys the breed.

Moreover the greed is very well visible in women empowerment agenda. AMARTYA SEN regards Indian situation as “The country of first Boys syndrome”. In gender Inequality Index, India stands at 142/148. NCRB statistics reveal that 15 individuals commit suicide every hour out of which 17% are house wife. The role of women getting restricted to household chores was initially parts of division of work i.e. every actor contributing equally towards sustainable management. But today, complex pre dispositions have got associated with feminine discrimination. Certain initiatives like  women reservation in POLICE etc. have been undertaken.But the greed of maintaining male dominance has exceeded to such levels that breed has been subjected to vulnerability. Hence need brings greed but if greed exceeds it destroys the breed.

Similarly, RELIGION is considered as the medium to connect individual with supreme self. It is the manifestation of individual need to purify one’s soul and establish absolute congruence. However today an element of fragmentation, divisiveness and seclusion has been infused. RIG VEDA  in this context states that-

“Leave this chanting and singing and telling of beads!

Whom do you worship in this lonely dark corner of temple with doors all shut?

Open your eyes and see your God is not before you!

He is there where the tiller is tilling the hard ground

And where the path maker is breaking stones.

He is with them in sun and in shower,

And his garments is covered with dust”


Hence today we need religion which is just, equal and accessible to all. We need it for fulfilling the basic necessities and not for satisfying the ulterior motives. The extreme greediness needs to be curbed else the MUZAFFARNAGAR RIOTS like situation will keep on influencing our societal discourse.

In today’s world there have been multiple reflections of extreme greed destroying the intricate balance. In sports domain, LODHA COMMITTEE report reflects the domination of BCCI and how the extreme greed has infused the element of corruption. In ENVIRONMENTAL domain, post DIWALI FOG and impacts of climate change reflects the negative influences of extreme greediness. While Need and Greed represent critical element of human progress, it is the transgression into domain of extreme greediness which is the result of present upheaval.

On concluding note, a short incident from SHAHJAHAN life deserve acknowledgment-

In order to assess the progress of TAJMAHAL construction, SHAH JAHAN camouflaged himself and went outside to get 1st hand experience. He asked workers, what they were doing.

1st replied: do not disturb, I am working—showcased individual devotion

2nd replied: do not disturb, I am doing work of art—showcased pride in individual work

3rd replied: do not disturb, I am building TAJ MAHAL—showcases the power of shared Vision.

Today, we need this power, in order to restore the balance and maintain due coherence between Need and Greed. Either we can wither away as society of past or we can set our home in order and set the foundations for upcoming future. The choice is completely ours to make!

While need and greed are essential, the transformation of same into extreme greed needs to be checked. Hence, need brings greed but if greed exceeds, it destroys the breed.