SONY DSCHeyaa…Welcome to my blog. To be very frank, writing has never been my cup of tea. But post my UPSC adventure, I have developed intricate relationship with writing on issues of contemporary relevance. It’s like poring my emotions, thoughts and every aspect that i engage my mind across the day into words. I will be using this blog to express my stand on multiple issues and concomitantly sharing my views on UPSC related topics.

It is an attempt to explore the deep thoughts lingering inside my mind for quite long.  And finally it represents my proactive stand to embark upon a journey towards brightness, new thoughts, new ideas and creating a better world.

One word of caution that i must include: ” I am not a specialist on the issues discussed on this blog. Neither i wish to hurt the sentiments of any community. All the views expressed here are solely mine and bear no association with any organization i am associated with”.

Enjoy Reading!

Akash Singh


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