We daily wake up in the morning, indulge in daily chores and finally lie down on bed. The cycle keeps on repeating whether it’s for a common man or for any honorable dignitary. What creates the difference is the work we do in the space between waking up and sleeping. By now you would have already guessed that this article once again pertains to life management i.e. how we must deal with daily issues and moreover how we can derive larger meaning out of our lives. Whether working in a MNC on a hefty package is sufficient? What do we seek by indulging in charity work? More over how we should live our life extending across decades and touching lives of many more around us?

On the starting note let me sound very clear that we all are mortals and our bodily fragility has its own limitations. Yes we will die some day or the other. But what creates the difference is how we can achieve that larger purpose? To answer the same let me quote a text from movie Peaceful Warrior, “there is no larger purpose, only the present moment is the reality and nothing else”. Confusing isn’t it? All our lives we keep on running behind targets. Initially focus is towards landing into descent job, then finding suitable bride/groom, getting promotion, new car, new home so one and so forth. But does that encapsulate all that life has given us. True that we must be competitive and ensure complete realization of our dreams but remains equally crucial that we enjoy what we do.

Steve Jobs has beautifully and emphatically presented the statement that one must devote his entire time towards finding what one really loves and that then truly madly devote himself for it. Point that I wish to make is to urge the youth for coming out of the mechanical aspects of seeking job and subsequently continuing with life cycle. Due attention must be paid towards pursuing the path we actually love. No work is small or menial provided we love it.

Thus what we have at our disposal is present moment. There is no past and no future. What matters is what we do in the present. Choice is ours on how we really wish to utilize it i.e. procrastination, jealousy, competition or simply doing the things we actually love. So folks, enjoy every moment there at your disposal, make sure of appreciating what we have presently and let’s devote ourselves towards things that we are really crazy about. It is only then we would have ensured justice has been done towards the task that we were assigned for.