Continuing from the previous article i.e. “The Other Side”, i have finally given shape to my pursuit of creating self sustained educational system for vulnerable sections under the banner of Project VISION. Main aim of Project will be to prepare certain selected students and making them the role model and brand ambassadors for future intervention. This article will be an attempt to analyze the multiple issues involved in implementation and envisioning the steps that lie ahead.

Following story reflects the background of entire initiative. I began my journey by making consistent visit to a nearby slum for two weeks. Subsequently top 10 students were selected based upon their classroom interaction and knowledge base. Venue was shifted to my house and teaching to these selected students have also begun. My basic intention behind all this exercise is to develop a self sustaining educational model which does not depends on external actors for their survival. It utilizes existing resources, available human resource and team work in converting this dream into reality. Whether i succeed or not is a topic of deliberation in future tense but the inner satisfaction achieved via such pursuit remains unparalleled.

key issues during initial phase was why to select only few students and on what basis is this selection going to be based. Frankly it hardly matters and neither it was a selection for any prestigious institution. But for students belonging to such a community it really created difference. Albeit, i relied on objectivity i.e. class performance and existing knowledge base as the sole criteria yet i realized that my steps had hurt the sentiments of many others who were eager to join. However, considering the administrative aspect I did realize that one has to be a strong decision maker. One’s decision are always going to hurt the sentiments of some or the other. What matters is the your intention and the rationale behind such a decision.

Moreoever my job is not just to teach certain bunch of students rather to adjust them in a platform where every individual taught by me would become an agent of teaching two other children. Also, teaching lilited children would allow me to maintain individual attention and more focused results as compared to managing 50-60 students undr a single mentor.

Thus, i have begun what i kept on thinking and what i actually desired deep inside bottom of my heart. Moreover i have multiple sound memories associated with project VISION which have coerced me to once again re initiate this project in a new avatar and with more challenging goals. At this moment i look forward to the quotation by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who has explicitly stated that dreaming small is crime. One should attain knowledge, pursue hard work , maintain perseverance and continue fighting towards his goals.

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