The Other side: Breaking the equilibrium


India is a diverse country in terms of ethnicity, religion etc. Even the modern societies irrespective of nation remains highly diverse in terms of individual’s thinking, perspective, traditions and practices. Yet, humans have developed a sort of equilibrium which keeps on sustaining daily activities.Quite nice demarcation exist in terms of work we perform. Some work as Marketing Executive in top MNCs whereas few create big brands under entrepreneurial spirit.Farming community remains busy in its own pursuit of safe harvest whereas working class enjoys the daily routine at shop floor level. Mothers cook food and their commitment with the Sas bahu serial appears to be commendable.

Yet, there are few who continue to linger in despair and represent the vulnerable and destitute section of our society. No one bothers about them. The best feeling of affection that we shower upon this group is by occasionally offering Rs. 10 note. Even chillars would suffice in contemporary inflationary trends.And the most significant aspect is the fact that these individuals have also restricted themselves and somehow managed to enjoy the life as it is. This article represents an attempt to break the existing equilibrium and to watch the story of individuals on the other side.

It has been a long time that I expressed my affection towards such communities but my feeling was restricted under the definition of “Sympathy”. However overcoming the equilibrium, I have somehow managed to infuse the element of Compassion in my behavior. I undertook a self initiative of entering a Slum in my neighborhood. Albeit, i was quite afraid that what may follow afterwords yet after having made a consistent visit for quite few weeks has made me realize the enormous potential the children of these communities carry.They are just the normal human beings and posses the same IQ yet their surroundings restrict them in their small little world.

We all have built our small cocoon which helps us in living a normal life. But, there exist a need to overcome the cocoon syndrome and expect more of our self. Just imagine the progress of India, if every individual (affluent section) vows to nurture, educate and support the children lingering on the otherĀ  side. Even though i am not certain whether at this critical phase of my career when i must be concerned with getting a good job, teaching such children would be of any relevance. But what i can be quite sure of is the relevance of this teaching on life of these children and that is what actually matters.

Signing Out, Jai Hind and Jai Bharat!


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