Working on Child Education


Well, it seems to be the most common topic, yet the sheer deficiency of innovation seems inconspicuous. Govt. spends considerable amount of money towards primary,secondary and higher education. But the outcome is still the same. whether we have  accepted defeat? or whether the land of “jugaad” i.e. indigenous innovation has lost touch with it in reality?

Multiple reasons can be attributed to present state of affairs.

1. Sole focus on improving accessibility without bothering about quality.

2. lack of effective regulatory mechanism. Private colleges are mushrooming but apart from physical infrastructure are they fulfilling the basic academic requirements?

3. Consideration of teaching as a subsidiary affair. It not only amounts to injustice to individual job but concomitantly jeopardizes the nurturing of associated class students.

4. Excessive focus on rote learning instead of developing interest in education.

i do not want to sound pessimistic and i personally am the greatest admirer of the sheer magnitude of operations that administration handles. Yet its high time to bring about changes in existing state of affairs and bring to life thousands of recommendations made till date. beginning can be made from sector specific issues and re framing the regulatory setup. Some key steps would include-

1. Proper regulatory mechanism with decentralized control. Focus should be on critical scrutiny at the time of giving recognition and subsequently bestowing the institutions with autonomy to undertake innovation.

2. Re framing the curriculum with on board internships, practical engagement, tutorials and active interaction.

3. Focusing on teachers education and inculcating in them the spirit of leadership and values system. It is the teaching community which frames the mind and value system of generations yet to come.

4. Encouraging more private sector participation while ensuring maintenance of requisite standards.

5. Exclusive focus from national leadership with aid in bringing drastic results.

Education reaps benefits in long term and so remains a least important issues in priority list. Where as it si the single field having the potential to change the entire Indian society discourse. Sooner we realize better will be for us in alleviating life’s of millions of Indians still living in despair.


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